Humanities Dean's Office

About the Dean's Office

The purpose of the Humanities Dean's Office is to help promote the academic advancement of students at UC Santa Cruz by providing support to faculty and academic units in the Division.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Manage operations for the Division's departments and programs
  • Serve as liaison representing the Division in activities involving other academic units, campus-wide units and outside agencies
  • Provide support for campus policy interpretation, divisional policy development and policy implementation 

For a list of our administrative units, please use the "Divisional Services" tab on the left-side navigation bar.

Dean's Office Staff

  • Tyler E. Stovall, Dean
  • David Symonik, Assistant Dean
  • Judy Plummer, Assistant to the Dean
  • Lisa Oman, Finance Director
  • Roxanne Monnet, Senior Analyst, Academic Planning & Staff HR
  • Blanca Rodriguez, Dean's Office Administrative Associate

Dean's Office Resources